The Forge becomes Jericho

We started building

From a group of friends passionate about web3 entrepreneurship, The Forge became an attractive & popular brand in the space.

These past months, we created a double-NFT gatekeeping system, invited top web3 founders for AMAs (from companies such as Polygon, Nansen, or Sandbox), and launched an investment vehicle among many other things. By controlling the flow & quality of our community, we managed to create a safe space in web3 far from spam, noise, and fomo.

For the Builders

From day one, we stood up for the Builders. Those who are entering web3 to shape the future, not to make quick bucks.

“The Forge” was a good incarnation of this positioning, but we quickly noticed three limits: genericity, singularity & inclusivity.

We wanted something unique, open, strong. We still wanted it to be a place with historical references.

We chose Jericho.

Jericho is timeless - it’s the oldest city in the world. Edifices Jericho’s builders erected stood the test of time for 10 millennia. It’s where various clans from the desert gathered to pioneer large-scale cooperation, communal labor, & agriculture.

A historical cradle of human civilization.
A haven for builders in the middle of nowhere.
An ode to building enduring structures.

And we keep on building

We gather many types of builders inside our community - founders (+75%), operators, contributors, investors - and we want to build a tailored experience for each & every one of these categories.

It’s time for Jericho to accelerate its growth with more community initiatives, and product development.

We have some exciting and crazy ideas in mind. If you’re interested in joining Jericho, grab a Hammer, and apply.

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