Announcing Operation 3: A web2 to web3 talent on-ramping program

Jericho and Alven are launching Operation 3 to help the best web2 operators learn about web3, connect, and find their next position at a web3 organization.

Alven as a crypto-heavy venture firm and Jericho as a global community for web3 builders have been exposed first-hand to web3 builders’ biggest pain: Finding the best talent to grow their project.

In addition to the difficulties every tech company faces today in the global talent war, the struggle is even greater for web3 projects. Complex value chains, new business models and community dynamics, opaque jargon, and compensation schemes make it difficult for the best tech talents to understand what project they can join and how their skills and experience can be leveraged in this new paradigm.

Operation 3 is a community-driven learning and matching talent program which selects the best tech talent interested in web3, helps them learn to be fluent in web3 through a combination of content, mentoring, and workshops, and matches them with selected web3 partners looking to recruit experienced and web3-ready talent.

The program is designed for experienced tech operators (4y+ work experience) in software development, marketing, product, partnerships, HR, finance, and any other function in a scaling tech business who want to learn the basics of web3 from the best. You will learn about decentralization, how to build blockchain products, how to make your products mainstream, how to gather and animate communities, and specific use cases in DeFi, gaming, and open web.

Around 40 top talents are expected to be joining the program and 14 companies partnered with Operation 3 for this first edition: Ledger, Sandbox, Sorare, Zerion, Kaiko, Stake DAO, Blackpool, Kiln, Sismo, Angle, Morpho, Coinvise, Cryptio, Immortal Game.

Apply to join Operation 3 by completing the form on the website below👇

Duration: 6 weeks
Starting date: May 30th 2022
Cost: Free

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