Jericho partners with VC funds Lattice & Ledger Cathay Capital

Jericho is a global community of 400+ hand-picked web3 founders from 40+ different countries who raised $450M in total from tier one VC funds. The founders of YGG, Zerion, Morpho & Crossmint are part of the community.

Jericho grew from a group of friends to one of the leading communities for web3 founders around the world in a bit over a year. By gatekeeping its access, curating content, and launching community initiatives such as bootcamps, AMAs, investment vehicles & pools, Jericho became a peer-to-peer support system for founders with a unique model. Instead of building top-down relationships with founders like accelerators and incubators do, Jericho has a community approach where founder relationship and help is fostered.

Jericho is stage-agnostic. We both accept solo founders who just have a great drive and post-Series A folks with more experience. Founders of companies such as Ethos, Openfort, Crew3, Salsa & more joined Jericho without even having their final idea &/or team.

Jericho is now entering a new stage by partnering with two amazing web3-native early-stage VC funds:

  • Lattice is an early-stage crypto VC that helps founders build defensible moats. They write $500K-$1.5M checks into early web3 companies. Portfolio: 50+ crypto companies including Immunefi, Layer3, and Project Galaxy.

  • Ledger Cathay Capital is a brand new €100m investment fund for Web3 entrepreneurs at the seed & series A stages. They offer entrepreneurs the value of a leading global investment platform combined with the support of the world-leading web3 security platform.

With that partnership, our ambition is to build the best place for every single ambitious web3 founder in the world whatever the stage, whatever the vertical by organizing events, co-creating content, and offering support.

👉 If you’re building or want to build a web3 company, join us. It’s free, you’ll meet fellow founders, learn & get help from them.

A few words from our partners:

  • “We're excited to partner with Jericho, which provides a safe space for builders in the crypto community. Their commitment to fostering a strong community of founders aligns well with our values. We're on a mission to build a founder-friendly early-stage fund that helps founders construct moats by leveraging the power of community.” - Pierre Chuzeville, investor at Lattice

  • “Jericho has successfully developed an impressive founders-first community gathering emerging and leading players from the web3 ecosystem. Together with them and alongside Lattice Fund, we are really excited to contribute to develop this community further and make it a space for sharing core learnings, takeaways and insights from the industry, to ultimately help onboard the next billion users onto web3.” - Marguerite de Tavernost, investor at Ledger Cathay Capital

We’re looking forward to adding more partner funds, if you’re interested send us an email.

Jericho, Ledger Cathay Capital & Lattice

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