Jericho opens its gates

Getting involved in web3 is probably the best career move one could do right now. But navigating web3 seas and its turmoils isn't an easy task. Worse than that, imagine building something in web3 with zero market visibility and drastic trend shifts happening from one week to another.

DeFi, NFTs... So many products have been built in the last couple of years for traders. Builders are still underserved in the ecosystem.

Signal > Noise

At Jericho, we are creating a safe space for builders whether they are DAO contributors, NFT collection launchers, crypto entrepreneurs, or VCs. Anyone contributing to moving this space forward.

We launched our Discord in September '21 and quickly felt the enthusiasm as 100 people organically joined it within a week. Based on wise community feedback, we decided to close our gates. We didn't want it to become yet another Discord server that you put in a folder, mark as read every day, and finally mute forever. Nurturing quality and avoiding spam was our main priority as any builder's scarcest resources are time and focus.

In the meantime, the community grew stronger. We structured our activity with first contributors, launched initiatives, and invited world-class speakers to share their building experience with us. These were perfect foundations to work on an inclusive-yet-qualitative gatekeeping system.

Gates, not moats

Learning and meeting like-minded people online shouldn't cost insane amounts of ETH. Still, ensuring quality and flow control is an absolute must to keep the community safe and engaged.

What we came up with is a double-gated NFT system: A Hammer NFT to apply to Jericho and an Anvil NFT acting as lifetime access to the community.

The Hammer
The Hammer

This is how it all unfolds:

  • Every builder in Jericho has 1 invite she can share with friends.
  • Invites are Hammer NFTs minted on Polygon.
  • The Hammer doesn't give access to Jericho. It's a pass to apply.
  • Our Guardians review every application.
  • Accepted members join as apprentices. After accomplishing simple quests, they get lifetime access in the form of an Anvil NFT.
  • Declined applicants can transfer their Hammers to friends or sell them on OpenSea.

Three options to apply

  1. Get a Hammer from one of our builders. You can fill in this form to notify them you’re looking for a Hammer.
  2. Buy a Hammer on OpenSea from former applicants. You can always place a bid if none of them is one sale.
  3. Bring value to Jericho. Be inventive & make sure we notice.

DMs are open on Twitter if you have any questions.

We're excited about welcoming new members.
Time to build ⚒️

Kudos to the Guardians of Jericho who made it all possible 🤍

0xKipit (tech), 0xMikado (tech), 0xSorcier (community), RIGHTCLCKSAVEAS (community), albiverse (community), 0xRoch (community), BoninTom (community), impresario_nft (community).

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