Announcing Jericho’s founding team
Vladimir Oustinov
July 26th, 2022

Jericho is the leading, exclusive & global network for web3 builders. 300+ world-class builders from 25+ countries meet, learn and build together in Jericho including builders from YGG, Zerion, Arianee, Sismo, and Messari.

From zero to community

Back in September ‘21, Jericho, then known as The Forge, started as a group of friends on Discord. That early group was a few dozen web3 builders mainly from Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, UK).

By building up the brand & community, we managed to:

  • Create a double NFT-gated system to generate & process invite-only applications
  • Invite top speakers every 2 weeks, including the founders of Polygon, Sandbox, and Near Protocol to Jericho
  • Expand the community across the entire world, today having 50% of applications coming from outside Europe
  • Grow the community & Twitter by 27% MoM while regulating growth via invites, applications & onboarding quests
  • Get a 77 community NPS
  • Launch a web2 to web3 talent on-ramping program with Alven & partners like Sorare, Ledger, and Sandbox (89 NPS)

Jericho is now a strong international network of web3 builders (75% founders) helping each other on a daily basis with feedback, intros, & knowledge.

From one to two

I started and grew Jericho by myself with the help of a dozen Guardians, Jericho’s most active contributors. They’ve been fundamental to Jericho’s success by suggesting improvements, leading initiatives, and voting on applications.

Still, I wanted to find a co-founder to build Jericho with. Entrepreneurship is first & foremost a human adventure, and I wanted to share the full experience with someone.

I met Loris around 3 years ago when I was working at The Family and created a community for CTOs (aspiring, early-stage & late-stage). We reconnected when he was exploring web3 after leaving his YC-backed TCP reverse-proxy startup (employee #1 & founding engineer, he built the enterprise SaaS from 0 to 1). Given the early experience with Jericho, I’d figured out exactly what I was looking for in a co-founder and he checked every box. We started working together to test the relationship and those first few months validated our intuition: We are 100% aligned.

Loris is digital-native. He started playing MMORPGs (esp. WoW) at 6, managed a top 1% world LoL e-sport team & learned how to code by himself online starting when he was 12. He hacked his education by skipping classes to work for world-class companies in highly technical environments (i.e. the .NET team at Microsoft & the back-end alert evaluation team at Datadog).

And he’s damn hungry. He’s a tremendously fast & brilliant coder with a strong business sense and insane entrepreneurial maturity. He’s got the steepest learning curve you’ve ever seen and understands what it takes to build a legendary company.

Coupled with my experience building a post-Series A Sequoia-backed company from scratch as part of the founding team, leading community efforts at The Family, & building a community-first travel company, we were a match made in heaven.

We’re now ready to tackle Jericho’s next steps together and change the way people work online, building right at the intersection of web3, future-of-work, and gaming.

From community to product

Welcome to Jericho
Welcome to Jericho

Since day one, our goal with Jericho has been to build a product for builders. After collecting information on builders’ needs for months, we now have a bunch of assumptions we’re going to test with Loris.

I’m extremely excited to take that step, since I finally found someone as ambitious, hungry, & obsessed as I am about the idea of turning work into play - which is and always will be our mission & north star at Jericho.


To celebrate, we refreshed Jericho’s website with new colors, assets, and content.

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