Vladimir Oustinov
July 26th, 2022

Jericho is the leading, exclusive & global network for web3 builders. 300+ world-class builders from 25+ countries meet, learn and build together in Jericho including builders from YGG, Zerion, Arianee, Sismo, and Messari.

From zero to community

Back in September ‘21, Jericho, then known as The Forge, started as a group of friends on Discord. That early group was a few dozen web3 builders mainly from Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, UK).

By building up the brand & community, we managed to:

May 16th, 2022

NFT invites to kickstart our growth

Jericho is a global & exclusive community of web3 builders.

We initiated a double NFT gated system (Hammer to apply & Anvil as membership after onboarding quest completion) that has been extremely useful to control the flow and quality of Jericho members so far.

We scaled Jericho from 50 to 200 members the past few months and it didn’t affect our vibes. By making it hard to apply with an invite-only mechanism, we made sure that applications were only coming from relevant people.

May 7th, 2022

Jericho and Alven are launching Operation 3 to help the best web2 operators learn about web3, connect, and find their next position at a web3 organization.

Alven as a crypto-heavy venture firm and Jericho as a global community for web3 builders have been exposed first-hand to web3 builders’ biggest pain: Finding the best talent to grow their project.

In addition to the difficulties every tech company faces today in the global talent war, the struggle is even greater for web3 projects. Complex value chains, new business models and community dynamics, opaque jargon, and compensation schemes make it difficult for the best tech talents to understand what project they can join and how their skills and experience can be leveraged in this new paradigm.

Operation 3 is a community-driven learning and matching talent program which selects the best tech talent interested in web3, helps them learn to be fluent in web3 through a combination of content, mentoring, and workshops, and matches them with selected web3 partners looking to recruit experienced and web3-ready talent.

April 6th, 2022

We started building

From a group of friends passionate about web3 entrepreneurship, The Forge became an attractive & popular brand in the space.

These past months, we created a double-NFT gatekeeping system, invited top web3 founders for AMAs (from companies such as Polygon, Nansen, or Sandbox), and launched an investment vehicle among many other things. By controlling the flow & quality of our community, we managed to create a safe space in web3 far from spam, noise, and fomo.

November 28th, 2021

Getting involved in web3 is probably the best career move one could do right now. But navigating web3 seas and its turmoils isn't an easy task. Worse than that, imagine building something in web3 with zero market visibility and drastic trend shifts happening from one week to another.

DeFi, NFTs... So many products have been built in the last couple of years for traders. Builders are still underserved in the ecosystem.

Signal > Noise

At Jericho, we are creating a safe space for builders whether they are DAO contributors, NFT collection launchers, crypto entrepreneurs, or VCs. Anyone contributing to moving this space forward.